What is a personal pensions report?

Since incorporating FindMyLostPension.com into it's brand, PensionsLink has endeavoured to offer even more to consumers. Now when you enter your National Insurance number you will receive a personal pensions report. This allows you to check your pension provider has your correct details or has details which need updating or you may have an unclaimed pension. With PensionsLink.com you can now check all your pension pots in one place.

When you receive your report you are free to respond to the information held however you wish. PensionsLink.com does not offer financial advice. The pension schemes signed up to our database can leave contact details and additional information to help you if necessary. Your pension will also be categorised by the administering scheme in order to help guide you about what action, if any, needs to be taken.

If the NI Number entered does not produce a match, you are welcome to leave contact details so that we can continue to search on your behalf. Every week pension schemes continue to add to our ever-growing database.

What do the traffic lights on the report mean?

In order to help navigate and understand the personal pensions report we have installed a traffic light system. Hopefully this will help when it comes to making decisions resulting from your pensions report.

Green: Your pension provider has all the information it needs in regard to your pension.

Amber: Your provider is unsure of all your contact details and would like you to get in touch with them.

Red: It may be in your best interests to contact your provider - you have pension benefits waiting to be claimed.

These are our standard format messages but a pension scheme may choose to personalise it's message to it's pension holders. However, this should give individuals a good guide to how to respond to the results of their search.

How do we find lost pensions?

Pensions are never lost.

They belong to former workers (or their dependents) who have become 'lost' to the thousands of businesses and insurance companies holding their pension.These people are known as 'gone-aways'.

Pension companies send us the National Insurance Numbers of their 'gone-aways' and when a member of the public visits PensionsLink.com or FindMyLostPension.com we check their NI Number against our list of 'gone-aways'. If there's a match we show them details of the company that holds their pension.

What happens when a lost pension is found?

When an NI number matches a 'gone-away' NI number, PensionsLink.com will display the name and contact details of the scheme which holds your pension. These entries should be marked RED on your personal pensions report. Then you are invited to contact the scheme to verify your identity or the identity of the person on whose behalf you are performing the search.

If there is a match you can also leave your details if you wish, there could be more pensions belonging to you added at any time. If the NI number is left with us, PensionsLink.com will keep searching for all lost pensions until we are asked to remove your details from the database.

Searching on behalf of someone else?

As long as they have the NI number a person can search on behalf of a relative or a friend. In fact, this is what we had in mind when we built PensionLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com).

In the UK 820,000 people suffer from some form of dementia which includes 80% of care home residents. These people are unlikely to search for a lost pension benefit without help.

Then there are widows (or widowers) who may be entitled to a 'survivors' pension but who are unaware of this and for a variety of reasons cannot be contacted.

In all these cases (and there are others) the only way help these people is if a relative, friend or carer searches PensionsLink.com or FindMyLostPension.com on their behalf.

What happens to your personal information?

After a search all your personal information is deleted unless we're instructed otherwise.

To search for a lost or unclaimed pension the only item of information we need is your National Insurance Number which is a unique identifier assigned to everyone born or resident in the UK.

Once the PensionsLink.com or FindMyLostPension.com search is complete we delete your NI number unless you ask us to save it for future searches.

If the option is taken to keep your NI number on file, this, like all our confidential data is stored on secure servers and NI numbers (and any other information) will never be passed to a 3rd party.

There is no risk to entering your NI number and without it PensionsLink.com or FindMyLostPension.com will not be able find your lost pension.

Is PensionsLink.com really free?

Completely free with absolutely no catches.

PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) is an independent enterprise offering a completely free service to members of the public to search for a lost pension. The PensionLink.com database is sponsored by pension schemes, insurance companies and affiliated bodies throughout the UK. This allows us to offer access to the database completely free to the general public. It's our belief that it should be free for people to reunite with their benefits and keep track of their retirement options.

PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) does not offer any financial advice but we will do everything we can to find a lost, unclaimed or missing pension that belongs to you.

Pension schemes and insurance companies have an obligation and indeed want to find their gone-aways.