Who are we?

PensionsLink.com was launched in early 2015 as an online private portal that enabled pension scheme record keeping to be accurate with minimal effort. Pension schemes which subscribed were able to collaborate, exchange information and improve the consistency and quality of their member records.

In late 2015 PensionsLink merged with the consumer website FindMyLostPension.com. The PensionsLink website was rebuilt in order to offer both pension scheme subscribers and its new consumer audience the best possible service. The new improved PensionsLink.com was launched in January 2016.

PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) continues to operate with the same approach towards its consumers as those held by FindMyLostPension.com. We show people where their lost pensions are by putting them in touch with schemes. In addition, each visitor to the website receives a personal pension report detailing all pensions held by that person. PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) is not involved in any way with financial advice. We simply help members of the public find lost or unclaimed pensions and check they have the whereabouts of all their pension pots with correct details. That is all we do. There is no charge for consumers using our site

The concept of a lost pension does not exist in many other countries. The goal of PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) is for the UK to join them.

PensionsLink (incorporating FindMyLostPension.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euraplan Ltd an independent software house established in 1985, and has no affiliations to any 3rd parties.

Visit the Euraplan site for further information on the company